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Department of Veterans Affairs – Expand Burial Sections
Subcontracting Prices Due: 02/21/2020 @ 2:00 PM EST
Solicitation: 36C78620B0002
The project is located at the Ft. Gibson National Cemetery,  Ft. Gibson, OK. The work includes install 3,000 pre-placed crypts, 3,035 in-ground cremains, construct roadway renovations, and site drainage renovations in this phase of work at the Fort Gibson National Cemetery.  Work includes but is not limited to: demolition, site preparation and erosion control, excavation, backfilling and grading, construction of berms, planting of native grass seed mix for all disturbed areas, installation of crypts, storm drainage, utilities, roads, curbs, pedestrian paving, landscape planting, fabrication and installation of site amenities, irrigation system, and certain other items.

Department of Veterans Affairs – Window Washing Services
Subcontracting Prices Due: 02/25/2020 @ 4:00 PM EST
Solicitation: 36C24520Q0204
The project is located at the VA Maryland Health Care System, Perry Point, MD.  The work includes but not limited to, counting and maintaining an accurate count of the number of widows required to clean, the style of windows, the required tools needed to gain entrance to screens and windows, special lifts to access essential areas, the use of scaffolds etc… All Cleaning shall be accomplished in accordance with the requirements specification of this statement of work. The total number of items to be cleaned is 4,647 at the Perry Point site, 187 rooms at the Baltimore site, and 75 rooms at the Loch Raven site.

ANG – Demolish Building 42
Subcontracting Prices Due: 02/27/2020 @ 10:00 AM EST
Solicitation: W50S8K20B0001
The project is located at the Jefferson Barracks Air National Guard Station in St. Louis, MO.  The work includes to demolish B42 at Jefferson Barracks Air National Guard Station.