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USACE – Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery Columbarium In-Grounds Cremains Project
Subcontracting Prices Due: 10/25/18 @ 2 PM
Solicitation: W912P618B0011
The project is located at the ALNC approximately 50 miles south of Chicago in Elwood, IL. The Contractor will be required to construct a 5,600 niche columbarium’s and a 1350 in-ground cremains (IGC). The columbarium niches shall be standard 10 ½” wide by 15″ high by 20″ deep and shall include smooth-face limestone caps (pre-cast concrete wall caps will not be acceptable), letter signs, and granite niche covers with stainless steel rosettes, and stainless steel mounting hardware, and shall meet the requirements set by the drawings and specifications. The columbarium wall design shall match existing columbarium at the cemetery.