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Courthouse Security Screening and Lobby Alterations
IFB: ADMN21000124
Subcontractor Bids Due: 11/19/2020 by 2 pm

This project is located in Chesterfield, Virginia. This project consists of selective demolition and installation of new entrance security measures including partitions and measures for distancing. The contractor shall also be responsible for furnishing and installing electronic security specifications as detailed in the specifications.

Loch Raven Pharmacy Phase 2, Baltimore, MD
Solicitation No. 36C24520R0072
Subcontractor Bids Due: 11/27/2020 by 12 pm

This is a Design-Build project for the renovation of several rooms within First Floor of Bldg 1 (CLC) at the Loch Raven VA Medical Center to create a new USP 979/800 Compliant Pharmacy Compounding Area (~800SF) and conference room (~250SF), and creation of a new hazardous material storage area (~100SF) within the basement of Building 4. Renovation work for pharmacy will include complete demolition of existing office/conference room spaces, upgrading interior utilities which include complete replacement of existing HVAC with a new dedicated air handling unit (100% OA and 12 ACPH), installation of biological safety cabinets, electrical and communication system modifications, security camera and card reader systems, chilled/heating water system integration, clean room procedures and products, and other specific tasks. Hazardous material storage area scope will include construction of new rated room/enclosure and ventilation/fire protection system modifications as required by applicable life safety codes

Construct In-Ground Cremains – Massachusetts National Cemetery
Solicitation: 36C78621B0002
Subcontractor Bids Due: 12/01/2020 by 1 pm

This project is located in Bourne, MA. This project is to construct a gravesite expansion on approximately 1.2 undeveloped acres of Massachusetts National Cemetery with 1,614 in-ground cremains sites, including all work shown on the plans and described in the specifications Work includes but is not limited to: demolition, site preparation, and erosion control, excavation, backfilling and grading, planting of native grass sod for all disturbed areas, storm drainage, utilities, roadway restoration, landscape planting, fabrication and installation of site amenities, irrigation system, and certain other items and specific tasks as further defined by the drawings and specifications. Construct decorative wooden guardrails as further defined by the drawings and specifications. Construct landscape buffer planting, including trees, shrubs, and additional sod as further defined by the drawings and specifications.