Bid Room.

Knight Solutions actively bids on projects year-round and committed to developing strong relationships with our subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers. Please let us know if you are interested in participating with us. Send bids to:

Bathroom Upgrades, Hampton VAMC
Solicitation No. 36C24621R0018
Subcontractor Bids Due: 1/27/2021 by 4:30 pm

This project is located at Hampton VAMC, Hampton, VA. This work consists of BATHROOM UPGRADES: Work includes, but is not limited to, general construction, alterations, architectural, interior finishes, lead remediation, mechanical and electrical work, and certain other items as required by drawings and specifications at Hampton, VA Veterans Affair Center.

DFW Columbarium, Committal Shelter and Cortege Lane
Solicitation No. W9126G21R0013
Subcontractor Bids Due: 1/28/2021 by 1:00 pm

This project is located at Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery, Dallas, TX. The scope of the Design-Bid-Build (DBB) construction project includes all work required for the DFW Columbaria, Committal Shelter, & Cortege Lane at Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery, Dallas, Texas, consisting of (3) Base CLINs and (2) Option CLINs. The Base CLINs include the construction of a Columbarium F (North) and retaining wall, committal shelter, and drilled caissons, including site work and improvements, irrigation, landscaping and all incidentals and related work per the drawings and specifications. The Option CLINs includes Construction of Columbarium G (South Court) and Cortege Lane including site work, irrigation, signage, and all other incidentals per the drawings and specifications. The work shall be in accordance with the Request for Proposal documents. Proposed project will be a competitive, firm-fixed price contract, procured in accordance with fair opportunity process using FAR Part 15 Best Value “Trade-off Process”.

New 4th MRI addition, HH McGuire VA Medical Center
Solicitation No. 36C24621R0021
Subcontractor Bids Due: 1/28/2021 by 5:00 pm

This project is located at Hunter Holmes McGuire VAMC, Richmond, VA. This work consists of New 4th MRI Addition; Work includes completely preparing site for building operations, including demolition and removal of existing structures. This project is to provide a new addition to house two new MRIs adjacent to the existing MRI Suite at the first floor. The project shall include all work needed to provide approximately 2,785  square foot single story addition utilizing construction to match the exterior of the existing facility. Interior finishes shall match standard facility materials, colors, and patterns. Relocation of the existing MRI trailer and services is provided. See Statement of Work, Specifications and Drawings. There are no deductive alternative line items for this project.