While serving his country in the U.S. Army, Knight sustained an injury that resulted in his not being able to continue to serve. “This was a devastating time, as I knew that coming home would put me back in the same negative surroundings that I grew up in,” said Knight. “Instead of returning and hanging out with negative friends, I decided to put myself through college.” Knight was not only the first member of his family to graduate from college; but he also did so with honors. “My parents today still see this as one of the proudest moments of their lives,” said Knight. Having experienced some of the challenges veterans of US conflicts face, Knight Solutions has made a commitment to hire veterans whenever possible. In 2012, Knight Solutions was name the Town of Leesburg’s first ever Veterans Business of the Year.

Employing Veterans

Knight Solutions works closely with veteran employment programs, answer Veteran hiring/employment questions and helps to develop a network of veteran employment partners. We actively recruit from the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Compensated Work Therapy (CWT). The CWT is a national vocational rehabilitation program that assists Veterans in returning to competitive employment. As soon as Knight Solutions receives the NTP (notice to proceed) on an awarded project, our first outreach is to find qualified Vets with, a Department of Labor sponsored tool to help employers find qualified Vets through Veterans staffing assistance in your local area.

Some Helpful Links

Feds Hire Vets has complied information distinctly for hiring managers and human resources professionals. Information for hiring managers includes: why to hire Veterans, special hiring authorities associated with hiring Veterans and videos supporting Veteran employment. Information for human resources professionals includes: Statues & Regulations, Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program (DVAAP) and “Things HR Should Remember”.

Department of Veterans Affairs’s VetSuccess is an all-inclusive resource for employers. The site includes information about Partners and Small Businesses and information about the Vocational Educational Counseling that could be useful when hiring a veteran who qualifies for that service.

Veterans with Service-connected disabilities in the workplace and the Americans with disabilities act (ADA) is a guide from the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission concerning disabled Veterans.

Department of Labor VETS is an extensive resource directory of information for both employers of Veterans. It includes information about USERRA, how to find qualified Veterans and various other programs.